Translift SpaceMate

October 2016

Launched at IMHX UK 2016, the Translift SpaceMate can turn any truck into a VNA stacker.

At a third of the cost of an articulating truck and a fraction of a VNA, the SpaceMate can be added to ANY forklift, new or old, enabling pallet stacking in VNA aisles.

Stacking in sub 2m aisles is achieved using just one hydraulic function and quick release fittings making it simple to add and remove – quickly transforming the forklift from normal to VNA duties.

The SpaceMate’s unique patented design allows both the racks and truck to remain stable at all times whatever the height. Initially revolutionising narrow aisle stacking with conventional trucks, the principle is set to quickly spread across the whole spectrum of MHE.

Translift SpaceMate
Translift SpaceMate

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