trak® basic

If you wish to minimise investment costs and make optimal use of your budget, while still having the benefit of a top-quality system, then the trak® basic system is the ideal solution for you!

trak® basic is a system with long life expectancy, comprising a high-quality HOPPECKE traction battery combined with the most suitable and efficient charger. For the user, it is a system with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Product Features

  • Realisation of 8 hours charging time
  • May be retrofitted with trak® air
  • Battery tray with robust plastic coating
  • Assignment of system-optimised charging equipment
  • Implementation of charging programs for battery conditioning

Product Benefits

  • Scope for use in multi-shift operation
  • Conversion for shift-plus operation is possible at any time
  • High level of operating safety through tray insulation
  • Full charging is ensured
  • Maximum life expectancy is obtained
  • Enhanced battery life time

Trak Basic
Trak Basic

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