Introducing the DQ and DS Series

Electric Ride On Multidirectional Forklifts

The HUBTEX Electric Ride on Multidirectional Forklifts with their hydrostatic all-wheel drive, are ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use. With a variation of models available that can be manufactured to suit any customer’s needs, HUBTEX offer forklifts that are designed specifically to your requirements.

The ergonomically designed cabin significantly reduces blind spots in all directions due to its panorama window, aiding visibility and safety. The cabin provides plenty of room for the operator and using the joystick and steering wheel combination, operation of the multidirectional forklift is of some ease.

The superior steering system installed ensures the shortest changeover time from lengthwise to crosswise drive, therefore maximising productivity and efficiency.

Electric Stand On Multidirectional Forklift

The DS 27E is the unique stand on electric truck with an ergonomically designed stand-up cabin that provides comfort along with easy access and operation. With super elastic tyres, the Electric Stand On Multidirectional Forklift operates upon both flat surfaces and uneven ground, indoors and outdoors, maximising productivity and efficiency for operators.

The multidirectional steering allows optimal handling of long and bulky loads, increasing storage space and saving costs. Additionally, like the Electric Ride On Truck, the High Performance Steering (HPS) system significantly improves manoeuvrability and efficiency when handling loads of all shapes and sizes.


  • 3-wheel design with multi-directional steering
  • High Performance Steering (HPS) for fast switching times
  • Hydraulic Fork Positioner fitted as standard
  • Excellent visibility and operator friendly controls from the ergonomically designed cabins
  • Fork carriage tilt (instead of mast tilt) for higher capacities and safer handling at height
  • Double load wheel for less wear
  • Large super elastic tyres for use over uneven ground
  • Difflock – unique to the HUBTEX range, this feature allows the truck to operate safely in bad weather as it maintains maximum combined grip on all wheels

Long Load Solutions - 3 Wheel Multi-directional Forklifts
Long Load Solutions - 3 Wheel Multi-directional Forklifts

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