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About HUBTEX 4-Way Diesel and Gas Sideloaders

The Universal Forklift for outdoor applications, our 4-Way Diesel and Gas Sideloaders are the ideal solution for outdoor use, especially when poor ground conditions are involved! The latest development in our series of Diesel and Gas Sideloaders focusses heavily on driver ergonomics, maximum performance and reduced emissions.

The intelligent vehicle control system and innovative steering system makes the DQ-X Diesel and Gas Sideloaders universally suited to handling long loads in narrow aisles, as well as handling standard pallets in block stacking applications.

The handling of long goods requires flexible 4-Way Forklifts and HUBTEX Australia’s Diesel and Gas Sideloaders present the perfect option.

4-Way Diesel and Gas Sideloaders

DQ-X Diesel and Gas Sideloaders

Featuring a new turbo engine, the DQ-X Diesel and Gas Sideloaders are energy efficient, extremely quiet and highly ergonomic. They also score the best all-round visibility in their class. The cab has been designed to ensure high ergonomics and visibility has been increased to a maximum, thanks to more compact masts and fork carriages.

Huge Lift Height of up to 7.5 metres

Boasting a massive Lift Capacity of up to 14 tonnes

Prepared for any demanding outdoor applications

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We Know the Best Solution…

We know better than anyone that handling long, heavy and bulky loads in a confined space presents equipment users with difficult but special and unique challenges. Arrange a free consultation with our team of specialists to get the best possible solution for your application. Contact us now on the details below…