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HUBTEX Australia: The country’s leading supplier of Multi Directional Forklifts and Side Loader Fork Trucks for handling Long Loads in Narrow Aisles.

As authorised distributors for global leading brands including HUBTEX, Bendi, Drexel, Bulmor, Systraplan and Hoppecke, HUBTEX Australia can provide tailored Materials Handling Solutions specific to your requirements through a comprehensive offering built up of Multi Directional Forklifts, Sideloaders, VNA Fork Trucks, Articulated Forklifts, Narrow Aisle Trucks and innovative Motive Power Solutions.

Sideloaders and Multi Directional Forklifts

Specialist Narrow Aisle Sideloaders, Multi Directional Forklifts, Fork Trucks and Materials Handling Solutions for long, bulky and difficult loads in warehouse, distribution and manufacturing operations. Our machines are designed to facilitate the flow of goods, even in Very Narrow Aisles.

Our Industry Solutions

Our many years of experience in a variety of industries has given us an in-depth understanding of the detailed requirements for Materials Handling Solutions in specific sectors. At HUBTEX, ‘we create the unique’ with Long Load Solutions that are purpose-built to meet the specific needs of our customers’ applications. Whenever long, heavy or bulky loads have to be transported, vehicles from HUBTEX are the ideal solution!

Warehouse Design

Our team of space-saving experts are on hand to offer advice on racking and storage solutions for warehouse, distribution and manufacturing operations. Combined with our range of purpose-built HUBTEX Sideloaders and Multi Directional Forklifts, we can help you increase warehouse capacity by up to 100%.

Warehouse Design

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Hubtex Australia

Bendi Articulated and Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Innovative Narrow Aisle Forklifts that can increase your storage space by up to 40% – saving you space, time and money.

Systraplan Automatic Material Flow Storage Systems

Automatic Material Flow Storage Systems

Systraplan are the world leader and manufacturer of automated process and stacking systems for warehouses.

Charging Area

HOPPECKE Motive Power Solutions

HOPPECKE Batteries outperform and outlast the standard lead acid Forklift battery. They’re the best choice for long shift operations.