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About HUBTEX’s Air Cargo Vehicles

HUBTEX Australia and Dimos’ X-Way Mover is the world’s first self-contained, free-moving, multifunctional transport vehicle that combines the capabilities of various Air Cargo handling devices, making it an innovative handling device for those who trade ULDs. Equipped with the latest technology, the device can be used in almost every area, because the X-Way Mover combines a large number of handling devices in one.

The X-Way Mover is the all-in-one vehicle solution for the Air Cargo Industry. From unloading trucks and storing goods to loading and unloading aircrafts, the X-Way Mover by HUBTEX and Dimos is the complete ULD handling machine.

This multi-purpose truck eliminates the need for different equipment and can increase storage capacity, maximising the efficiency of any air cargo handling operation.

Aviation Vehicles

X-Way Mover

Featuring the innovative HX Steering System, the X-Way Mover offers optimum manoeuvrability in confined spaces whilst saving operational time. The weather-proofed ergonomic cab provides optimal comfort for the operators in all weather conditions.

Lift Height of up to 5 metres

Lift Capacity of up to 14 metres

Adaptable to all Air Cargo applications

We Know the Best Solution…

We know better than anyone that handling long, heavy and bulky loads in a confined space presents equipment users with difficult but special and unique challenges. Arrange a free consultation with our team of specialists to get the best possible solution for your application. Contact us now on the details below…