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About The NEW FluX 30 Multi Directional Forklift Truck.

HUBTEX has launched the latest generation of its Multi Directional Counterbalance Forklift Truck, the FluX 30. This new Counterbalance Forklift is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and is perfect for handling pallets and long goods.

The FluX 30 has a 3-wheel chassis and is powered by an eco-friendly electric drive that produces low noise. It also features an innovative 360° HX steering system that enables seamless transitions between longitudinal and transverse travel. This makes it more manoeuvrable, efficient, and user-friendly than any other 3-wheel Multi Directional Truck.

FluX Multi Directional Forklift Trucks

One of the unique aspects of the Counterbalance Forklift is its compact frame length and fixed lift mast. This design enables the FluX to function as a front loader for loading and unloading trucks, or alternatively as a sideloader for transporting long loads through narrow hall doors. The Forklift has been optimised for every application, from the ergonomic cabin to the more compact masts, central seating position, and fork carriage with sideshift, providing better visibility from all angles.

Lift Height of up to 7.5 metres

Lift Capacity of up to 7.0 tonnes

Handle both standard pallets and long loads

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Watch The NEW FluX 30 In Action!

In this video, we will take a closer look at the features and capabilities of this innovative forklift truck and discover why it is the perfect choice for your material handling needs. Watch the video below!

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