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About HUBTEX’s Order Picking Systems

Order Picking Solutions from HUBTEX provide a safe, efficient and comfortable warehouse order picking solution for long loads and bulky loads in narrow aisles. By bringing the operator to the goods, you can save time and significantly reduce costly damage to stock. With a comprehensive range of Order Picking Systems available, from Electric Multidirectional Sideloaders with removable Order Picking Platforms to manual and fully automated Order Picking Systems, we have the right equipment for every application!

Long Load Order Picking Solutions

We offer a wide range of Order Picking Solutions for the picking of aluminium, plastic or steel profiles, strips and pipes. With options to suit businesses with small, medium and high rate of materials turnover our Long Load Order Pickers increases efficiency and gives you greater flexibility.

Sheet Order Pickers

From manual order picking by employees to fully automated systems, we have a selection of solutions for the picking of heavy and bulky sheet stock. It is important valuable sheet stock such as doors, décor and worktops are picked and transported damage-free. HUBTEX Board and Sheet Order Pickers will save you time, maximise efficiency and minimise damage to goods.

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We Know the Best Solution…

We know that handling heavy loads in a confined space presents users with special challenges. Arrange a free consultation with our specialists to get the best possible solution for your application, contact us now.