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HUBTEX Warehouse Design

Our national team of space-saving experts is on hand to offer advice on racking and storage systems for warehouse, distribution and manufacturing operations and provide a comprehensive warehouse planning service, including site layout diagrams and storage capacity calculations.

Free site surveys

Warehouse layout diagrams

More efficient use of available space

Increase your warehouse capacity by up to 100%

Save money on new build costs and ancillary equipment

Optimise product throughput

Articulated Narrow Aisle Solutions

Due to Bendi’s patented articulated forklift system, aisle performance is far superior to that of conventional trucks. The innovative 220° rotation means that aisles as small as 1800mm can be achieved. This offers greater space savings which can mean increased storage capacity. A Bendi gives you more room to expand production areas. It could even be a cost-effective alternative to an expensive extension or move to bigger premises.