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Handling Solutions For Glass Transportation

From a storage and logistics point of view, the glass industry certainly poses some challenges. HUBTEX continues to innovate and bring time and money saving solutions. Our core products allow you to store and handle glass in smaller narrower aisles, whilst also being able to transport glass packs and stillages easier and faster than ever before. Offering greater visibility, increased safety and reduced stock damage, our innovative solutions apply to all areas including transport, storage and shipping.

At HUBTEX, we are devoted to creating the unique. With a comprehensive range of Glass Handling and Transport Systems and more than 35 years in the development and production of Multidirectional Sideloaders & Special-Purpose Vehicles, we can supply the right equipment for every application.

Glass Transport Systems

We Know the Best Solution…

We know that handling heavy loads in a confined space presents users with special challenges. Arrange a free consultation with our specialists to get the best possible solution for your application, contact us now.