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Britton Timbers

Environmentally Friendly Handling Solution for Britton Timbers

Britton Timbers is one of the largest importers of quality timbers, and stocks over 50 species sourced from around the globe. Britton’s has distribution centres in Tasmania, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and distributes timber internationally through Britton Timbers International.

The Application

Most importantly, Britton’s is trusted to provide quality timber, innovative solutions and outstanding customer service; as they have been doing for more 110 years. Efficient storage, handling and distribution of the timber is, therefore, a key factor for Britton’s.

With existing sideloaders (non HUBTEX) operating in narrow aisle cantilever racking, Britton’s were already benefiting with storage capacity but the machines in use were LPG which caused problems inside the warehouse with noise and pollution, as well as reliability issues. This was having a significant impact on the warehouse operation as a whole, especially if product was needed from the narrow aisles and a machine was out of operation. Taking everything into consideration, the decision was taken to look at alternatives and it was here that HUBTEX Australia demonstrated the power and performance of the MaxX Electric Multidirectional Sideloader.

HUBTEX MaxX 45 Electric Multidirectional Sideloader

The MaxX delivers innovation, safety and economy thanks to its modern ergonomic design, including the free-view mast which offers the operator an excellent view of the load from the cab. One of the main features, and a significant benefit for the Britton Timbers operation, is HUBTEX’s patented HX omnidirectional steering system that enables the trucks to change direction from sideways to forward drive without stopping. This lessens the time needed to switch wheels, provides excellent manoeuvrability and has the added benefit of significantly reducing wear. HUBTEX MaxX 45 Electric Multidirectional Sideloader

Britton Timbers was the first timber company in Australia to purchase the new HUBTEX MaxX 45, and they slotted perfectly into the preexisting cantilever racking and guide rails, in fact, one the first things to note was how easy it was to enter the aisles with the softer guide wheels and increased manoeuvrability which will, in turn, lead to a reduction in damage.

There are also wider aisles in the warehouse that are non-guided, and it is in these that the benefits of the HX steering have also proved beneficial. When stacking bulk packs, the operator simply drives the machine down the aisle and when they get near to positioning the pack onto the stack they seamlessly crab steer the machine into position by using the innovative joy stick control. Discussing the move away from LPG to electric multidirectional trucks was Anthony Long, NSW Manager at Brittons Timber.

It’s not only the drivers and warehouse operatives that have noticed the difference, people in the office next to the warehouse no longer have to put up with the excessive noise of engines constantly revving or the heat pollution caused by the LPG machines. Perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor operations, the HUBTEX MaxX is available in load capacities from 3000kgs to 4500kgs, and with different battery sizes to suit extended shifts.

Our Comments

Our initial concern was whether electric trucks would cope with the workload but after seeing them in action we knew we had nothing to worry about, commented Anthony.

They have been a real winner with the drivers who have all remarked on the better manoeuvrability in tight areas and much faster in operation with not having to stop to change direction.

We Know the  Best Solution…

We know that handling heavy loads in a confined space presents users with special challenges. Arrange a free consultation with our specialists to get the best possible solution for your application, contact us now.