Introducing the HUBTEX DQ Series

The compact HUBTEX multidirectional forklift with diesel or gas drive is ideally suited for operating in external storage areas in the timber, building materials and steel industries. The trucks are available as gas or diesel driven versions and set standards for safety and manoeuvrability due to their innovative steering system. The ergonomically designed cabins provide operators with plenty of space and an excellent view in all directions due to the panorama window, aiding comfort, visibility and safety.

Easy access to the drive units of the IC Range due to the installation of robust maintenance covers improves the ease of service whilst reducing the cost of operation. Operating both indoors and outdoors the HUBTEX 4-way sideloader is stable and efficient as a result of the super elastic tyres and High Performance Steering (HPS) system. The superior manoeuvrability of the HUBTEX multidirectional Forklifts aids precision and improves the efficient use of storage space reducing wasted space significantly.


  • 3-wheel design with multidirectional steering
  • High Performance Steering (HPS) for fast switching times
  • Hydraulic Fork Positioner fitted as standard
  • Excellent visibility and operator friendly controls from the ergonomically designed cabins
  • Fork carriage tilt (instead of mast tilt) for higher capacities and safer handling at height
  • Double load wheel for less wear
  • Large super elastic tyres for use over uneven ground
  • Difflock – unique to the HUBTEX range, this feature allows the truck to operate safely in bad weather as it maintains maximum combined grip on all wheels

Long Load Solutions - 4 Way Sideloaders
Long Load Solutions - 4 Way Sideloaders
Long Load Solutions - 4 Way Sideloaders

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