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Australia’s leading supplier of innovative motive power solutions to the forklift, cleaning machine and rail industries.
Since 1927, Hoppecke has specialised in the development of new technology and services for the storage of energy.

Why waste your money on old technology!

The traditional power source of all forklift truck has been the ‘lead acid battery’. Manufacturers of Electric Forklift Trucks are always endeavouring to improve the performance of their equipment to meet the growing industries demands.

At HOPPECKE our engineers have met this demand to increase the performance and lifecycle of our batteries by producing a battery system that will outperform other brands and ensures that Hoppecke product are leaders in quality and performance and value for money.

The HOPPECKE trak® series of lead acid batteries have been extensively tested with all brands of forklift trucks both AC and DC powered models, fitted with the latest power minimizing features and controller systems with amazing results.

HOPPECKE plate technology is far superior to all others, depending on cell size, we use state of the art tubular or flat plate technology to house the active materials and we use some clever wrapping materials to keep these active parts apart.

But the real breakthrough, is our trak® air charging system. It moves the electrolyte around the cells and creates a homogenous specific gravity of the electrolyte and so eliminating the stratification that occurs in non trak® air batteries.

This means no hot spots in the battery, shorter charge time, longer running time and longer battery life by up to 50%.

Our battery might be the only thing you don’t have to budget to replace over the life of your forklift truck! Now that’s something to consider.

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