Innovative accessories to support the range

HOPPECKE’s innovative accessories have been designed to support their battery range maximising productivity and efficiency.


Electronic electrolyte level indicator for trak® battery systems.

Visual signalling in the vicinity of the battery connector (AquaCheck® RC) or on the battery surface (AquaCheck®) indicates the electronic electrolyte level.


Recombination system for stationary batteries.

When the aquagen recombination system is used, the hydrogen and oxygen gases, which evolve during water decomposition, are fed into the aquagen recombination plugs by means of an integral catalyst. These gases are recombined in the form of water vapour that then condense on the sides of the aquagen vent plugs. The resultant drops of water flow downwards and are returned to the battery.

Online-Monitoring In-Spector

You can reduce operating costs with permanent online monitoring of the battery system.

The BCMU-A battery monitoring is the basis of the HOPPECKE Online monitoring concept In-Spector®. The HOPPECKE Service Centre continuously monitors all systems online. Failures can be avoided, service activities can be planned in advance and regular activities can be reduced to the necessary minimum.

BCMU-A battery monitoring is easy to install and can be applied in different variants. Detection of voltage, internal resistance and temperature of battery cells or blocks is possible. Sensors like temperature; humidity, oxyhydrogen and gas can be also integrated. Furthermore there is a possibility to retrofit the system in existing battery installations. 

FNC Water Refilling System

Central Water Refilling for FNC® Battery Systems.

The central water refilling system designed by HOPPECKE Battery Systems facilitates rapid and reliable refilling of cells with water up to the maximum mark.

Sun | air

Electrolyte circulation system.

The HOPPECKE sun | air (Electrolyte Circulation System) pumps ambient air to the bottom of each battery cell. Emerging air bubbles rise through the electrolyte, ensuring a homogeneous electrolyte density distribution in each cell. The system is switched on and off automatically and is virtually maintenance free. Easy to install (plug & play), it works independently and can be retrofit to sun power V L batteries. For safe operation the system is equipped with maintenance free pump motor and filter for air intake.

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