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Make-Over for the Manoeuvrable Electric Multidirectional Forklift

Hubtex MaxX 2022: Flexible Transport in Narrow Aisles

With the MaxX from Hubtex, the operator can steer smoothly in all directions thanks to the joystick, making the warehouse so much easier to manoeuvre. The patented HX 360-degree steering from Hubtex is certainly the highlight of the electric multidirectional forklift.

The MaxX has always been one of the most successful ranges produced by the Fulda-based manufacturer, but now Hubtex has given the popular Multidirectional Sideloader a make-over, including optimised equipment and shorter delivery times. The best way to experience the new MaxX is at LogiMAT 2022 on Stand D05 in Hall 10.

For anyone looking for a cost-effective, entry-level electric multidirectional forklift for indoor or outdoor use, transport in narrow aisles or access to high racks, the MaxX has proven itself to be a serious contender compared to diesel and gas-powered models since 2016.

The MaxX can be used to transport materials such as wood, aluminium, plastic, windows and doors; making it ideally suited to the building materials and wood trade. During an upgrade to the production model in 2022, Hubtex improved the level compensation and modified both the cabins and the masts, as well as giving the truck a more modern look.

The MaxX is now available in several variants: with a load capacity of 3,000 kg and a powerful 48-volt drive or with a load capacity of 4,500 kg and a 48 or 80-volt drive. The base vehicle of the MaxX series can also be individually adapted to the respective area of application using six different types of lift mast.

This extends the lift height up to 7.5 metres. Another special feature of the Hubtex truck is the fork tilt being directly at the fork carriage, rather than tilting the mast. This design significantly reduces excessive movement and sway in the extended mast, especially at high lift heights when handling long goods in narrow aisles.

The delivery times of the industrial truck have also been reduced compared to the previous series due to the modular structure of the MaxX.

Extremely simple manoeuvring thanks to the patented steering system

Drivers of the truck series are not used to performing such complex turning manoeuvres. The combination of a chassis with the patented HX multidirectional steering allows the truck to switch smoothly from longitudinal to transverse to circular travel without stopping.

With the help of the joystick and the HIT 3 multifunction display, the truck can be fully controlled from the ergonomic cabin with all-round visibility. From here, the driver has a digital overview of the key device information such as the wheel position, speed and battery display at all times.

The cabin has also been revolutionised in terms of appearance, with Hubtex adopting the key design elements of the PhoeniX modular system.

Users also benefit from low operating costs. With HX steering, the integrated dual load wheels no longer turn on the spot. This reduces the wear on the soft elastic tyres considerably when used on a range of surfaces. It also increases the service life of the multidirectional device and consequently the residual value.

The overall outcome is a reduction in lease payments. With a simple battery changing process, the truck has a service life of five to eight hours at a maximum speed of up to 11 km/h, making it ideal for multi-shift operations.

For more information, see or visit Hubtex at LogiMAT 2022 on Stand D05 in Hall 10.