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SFX module: Hubtex develops new platform transporters for Industry 4.0

Inexpensive, compact, self-propelled: With its SFX series, Hubtex is developing new platform transporters for loads of 25 t, 40 t and 65 t. The compact, self-propelling vehicles for indoor and outdoor use have a large loading area for the transport of bulky, heavy loads. Thanks to its modular design, the base of the transporters can be equipped with various steering systems and a platform lifting option. The SFX module was developed for manual applications and can be further expanded into an AGV.   

From July 2021, the portfolio of the leading manufacturer of custom-made industrial trucks will include the new SFX models for the load capacity ranges 25 t (SFX-25), 40 t (SFX-40) and 65 t (SFX-65). Cross-series truck components and the addition of AGV functions make the series suitable for most customer requirements. The series is typically used for in-house transport of heavy-duty goods in the automotive and aviation industries. It is also a popular solution at various stages of the value chain in the metal industry, from foundries to trade, processing, and mechanical engineering.


Photo of Platform Transporter SFX   Photo of Platform Transporters


Made for every surface

The core element of all platform transporters is the running gear and the associated steering system. With single-axle steering used as standard on the front axle, a steering angle of up to 70 degrees can be achieved. Multidirectional steering is also available for all three-truck series for applications in which manoeuvring is to be avoided. Due to the small turning radius, the amount of space required for the transporter can be further reduced in cramped production or storage areas. Another advantage of the new steering mechanism is the minimal amount of space required in the truck. This allows more compact designs than with the previous Hubtex models. Another major plus point is the significant reduction in energy consumption due to the higher efficiency of the electric drives and the compatible components.

While the two truck series, up to 40 t, are designed to have two axles, the load capacity class up to 65 t is available with three or four axles. Surface flexibility is also required. For this reason, Hubtex has made the three SFX series for 25 t, 40 t and 65 t available with PU-Soft tyres in addition to the standard polyurethane tyres. This means that all types of paved ground on a factory site can be negotiated and use is not restricted to indoor areas. Drive wheel and load wheel rockers ensure that the truck stays level on uneven floors. As a result, the materials are transported safely and reliably even with unfavourable ground conditions.

Photo of Platform Transporters   Photo of Platform Transporters

Modular construction for individual customisation

The high degree of modularity of the new platform transporters means that the vehicles can be adapted to a wide range of uses. The frame of the new SFX is divided into three fixed areas — the front axle, rear axle and central area. Due to a high level of variability at the interfaces of the assemblies, order-specific length and width adjustments can be made based on the transport task. Thanks to pre-fabricated modules such as the wheel stool or the load wheel rocker and drive wheel rocker, comprehensive vehicle standards can be maintained. The optional lifting function controls either the cylinder or the entire platform. The hydraulic electrical cabinet can be used for all SFX series.

Depending on the requirements, the modular electrical panels can also be flexibly expanded to include AGV functions, even when retrofitting. In this case, the SFX modules can be greatly enhanced by the Phoenix AGV series. The pre-fabrication of standardised assemblies reduces working time and contributes to the short delivery times of the series. The transport vehicle is easily operated via wired or radio remote control as standard. Functions for integrating the platform transporter into automated processes can also be customised as required. A communication interface compliant with VDA 5050 will be integrated in the future. In addition, special designs with driver’s cabins and individual superstructures are also available.

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