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Introducing the NEW FluX Multidirectional Counterbalance Forklift

For over 20 years, HUBTEX Australia has been delivering tailor-made narrow aisle solutions as distributors for the world-class range of HUBTEX Multidirectional, Sideloader and Order Picking Forklifts. HUBTEX products are ideally suited for the handling of long, bulky and difficult loads, and come with the build quality, specification and reliability the industry has come to expect of a German manufacturer.

FluX Multidirectional Counterbalance Forklift

To complement the existing range of Multidirectional Forklifts and Sideloaders, HUBTEX has recently launched The FluX, which is an industry first.

The FluX Multidirectional Counterbalance Forklift has been designed to be used as both a conventional front-loading forklift as well as a sideloader. It is especially suited to transporting standard type pallets and long loads, making it ideal for DIY stores and other applications where confined spaces are the norm.

Thanks to the unique steering system installed as standard, unlike other existing trucks, the FluX doesn’t need to stop to switch from travelling forwards to sideways, therefore saving a substantial amount of travel time and further streamlining materials handling operations.

Unrivalled Service Support 

Backing up our world-class product range is our specialist service support which is of paramount importance when it comes to long load and narrow aisle applications.

Saving space and creating innovative handling solutions can have huge operational and cost benefits, but it can also come at a price, namely that your business can come to rely on the uptime of your materials handling equipment. For example, if a specialist narrow aisle machine breaks down in the aisle or if it needs a regular service, then unless you have additional machines, you cannot simply revert back to a conventional forklift. That is the reason we made the decision to specialise in the sector rather than simply offering multidirectional and narrow aisle machines as part of the wider portfolio of equipment offered by other forklift companies.

All of our service engineers are trained to the highest standard, both here in Australia and at the HUBTEX factory in Germany. Operating from a fleet of modern service vehicles, each with spare parts tailored to suit the locality and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we can guarantee industry-leading first-time fix rates; we couldn’t however if our technicians were also looking after other standard equipment such as counterbalance forklifts, reach trucks and pedestrian equipment.

People Make The Difference 

We are in a great position whereby we can offer our clients innovative space-saving solutions and industry-leading products, but it’s our people who ultimately make the difference.

We invest heavily in acquiring the right people and in their ongoing training and development. It is the skill, passion and commitment that has seen us become Australia’s leading long load and narrow aisle specialist.

To discuss your requirements or any queries you may have, please contact us today.

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