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New EQc Compact Electric Sideloader

Affordable and space-saving:

The new compact electric sideloader from the EQc series offers cost-effective 48-volt technology for handling load of up to 4000kgs and is perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

Easy Access Cab – Order Picking Made Easy

An important added feature of the EQc sideloader is the one-step order picking variant developed by Bulmor. The specially designed forward cab means that the driver will now be able to easily reach the cab in a single step, making it much easier and faster for more efficient order picking.

Added value: clean production

The powerful electric drive not only cares for the environment and employees’ health, but also protects timber and other products. Loads can be moved without the risk of contamination from diesel soot. A great value-adding feature, as customers are becoming increasingly concerned about environmentally friendly and clean production.

Electric sideloaders are now a viable alternative to LPG and Diesel thanks to increased performance and lower servicing and running costs.