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The reliability, performance and efficiency of any motive power solution is a key element of any intralogistics operation. Our trak|care solutions allow you to maximise the lifetime and safety of your batteries. The trak|care services include:

Hoppecke Batteries Trak Care
Inspection of Traction Batteries

By performing a technical inspection of your battery, we detail the overall condition which will give you a good understanding of the current condition, minimise potential failures and guarantee reliable and safe operation moving forward.

Cleaning of Traction Batteries

A clean battery is imperative to avoid accidents and property damage as well as extending the service life and availability for your batteries. Cleaning cell carriers, trays, racks and insulators are necessary to maintain the required insulation along with avoiding damage caused by corrosion and creeping.

Topping-Up Cells

A vented battery contains demineralised water in each cell which together with sulphuric acid, ensures the chemical process functions properly. If not supplied with enough water, the lead plates can become “dry” causing damage and a reduction in capacity. During charging and discharging, the water evaporates, therefore it is important to check water levels and refill where necessary to ensure optimum performance. It is also vital the cells are not overfilled which could cause leaks during use and charging

Charger Inspection

During a charger inspection, we put your chargers through their paces. The regular maintenance and revision of your chargers is a legal requirement which will help guarantee safety for your employees and your equipment.

Equalisation Charge

An equalisation or calibration charge can be required in a number of situations. If the cell voltage between individual cells becomes largely different, an equalisation charge is used to bring all cells back to a consistent voltage level. A deep discharge, sulphation of the battery due to insufficient charging or temperature differences between the cells over a long period of time can require calibration. Deviations in electrolyte density or voltage values can also require an equalisation charge.

For more details on the individual services and to discuss any requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

The Advantages:
  • Maximize lifetime of batteries
  • Early detection of defects
  • Ensure safety for your employees
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Ensure functionality

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