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trak | uplift

At the heart of all trak|uplift batteries is the new Active Carbon feature. The new development enables higher current discharge and faster charging capabilities. In multi-shift operations, the Active Carbon ensures increased service life whilst in single shift operations, trak|uplift batteries demonstrate their durability and economic benefits.

The trak|uplift battery is now available as a cost-optimised entry level solution which allows for additional components such as trak|air electrolyte circulation to be retrofitted at any time. The protective features of the battery have been specifically developed to cope with even the highest mechanical strains of industrial trucks, ensuring reliable operation and reduced maintenance. Like all motive power solutions, trak|uplift batteries can be customised to suit vehicle or application-specific requirements.

Hoppecke Batteries Trak Uplift
The Advantages:
  • Rapid availability
  • Universal use
  • High quality – low procurement costs
  • Ultimate service life in systems with HOPPECKE chargers

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