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trak | uplift iQ

Maximise the performance and efficiency of your industrial equipment with trak|uplift iQ. The highest possible energy efficiency is achieved by combining the new trak|uplift iQ battery with a trak|charger HF premium with adaptive charging curve. The smart charging function ensures minimum water and energy consumption. The iQ measuring unit is attached to the base of the battery and communicates with the charger, vehicle and reporting software transferring battery data and service prompts to increase the vehicle availability and operating reliability.

The Pro Reporting function of trak | uplift iQ generates usage reports which are saved by the battery. These can be used for local reports or communicated in a web-based remote monitoring system for the planning and efficient controlling of logistic processes. With up to five different interfaces the options for use are extremely versatile helping you maximise the economic benefits of your batteries.

Hoppecke Batteries Trak Uplift iQ
The Advantages:
  • Increased transparency and professionalism for battery management
  • Precise planning of new investments
  • Improved operating reliability and productivity
  • Increased versatility
  • Option for considerably improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improved vehicle availability

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